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Kigozi Jonathan a 3rd Year student offering Bachelor of Science in Information Technology of Muni University.Participated in the Huawei “SEEDS FOR THE FUTURE” training programme 2017 in China at the company’s headquarters.

About the program
Seeds for the Future is a global Corporate social responsibility (CSR) flagship program initiated by Huawei in 2008. The program seeks to develop local ICT talent, enhance knowledge transfer, promote a greater understanding and interest in the telecommunications sector, improve and encourage regional building and participation in the digital community;

My idea
I had a strong conviction of being an agent of change in my community, especially in the academic sector where poor performance was highly recorded over years, I and my colleagues namely:- Male Paul, Kazibwe Julius Junior and Kisseka Marvin came up with an idea that can increase performance of rural schools and institutions through the use of low cost technology in which a web based mobile application is installed on computers and create students accounts to relish the privilege of the system hence allowing information sharing, tutorials, question and solution banks.

Activities undertaken during while in China
The program exposed me to a number of opportunities including learning the Chinese culture ,language, calligraphy and painting at the Beijing University of Language and lectures about intellectual property rights and the development of the upcoming technologies such as Internet of things, smart cities and smart homes; Huawei Cloud-pipe-device strategy where we got a deeper understanding of cloud computing concept; and a deeper understanding of the trends in the telecommunications sector where each individual configured his/her own 4G base station.

Lessons learnt

1. Time management
Unlike Ugandans, the Chinese are more cautious when it comes to time keeping. Daylight is seen as early as 3:30am and this gives them more edge when it comes to preparation for the day’s activities.
2. Setting priorities. The Chinese spend some time to determine and understand what’s important in their lives and makes it a priority.
3. The “No” to homework mentality. Chinese don’t take work home for the evening or over the weekend unless absolutely necessary. Workload can be the result of poor time management or a need to have others thinks you’re busy and important. “learn to be efficient during the week so that you can reserve your personal time for refueling personal fulfillment”.
4. Asking for support. is the best way to move mountains and get a project done as soon as possible. They believe that by asking questions, you get answers for anything you want. “Always ask when you don’t know”
5. Issues of integrity. It was in China that I witnessed integrity amongst people. A good example was with the Smart Bicycles which were placed on the streets to ease transportation within the city and could be used by anyone who had the bike application; one had to scan the code behind the bike using the bike application on their smart phones in order to unlock it from its position. You could then pack it anywhere after use for the next user, payment was made online automatically depending on the time that one took using the bike. I was mesmerized on learning that people would use public means of transportation and pay without being forced or vandalizing the bicycles.

My advice to students out there is that they should not limit themselves to only the courses they are offering but rather have open minds to gather as many ideas as possible. It is from these ideas that one can apply the knowledge that they obtain from the course and merge the two to come up with new innovations.
I commend Huawei once again for this great opportunity and Muni University for accepting to take part in this programme by supporting students’ ideas. I believe the experience and knowledge acquired from this programme will be of great use to our nation.


  1. This is so awesome mr.Jonah and I believe if we emulate that culture, we shall really manage life transformation in our country.Thanks.

  2. wow, that is great thanks for sharing such good experience with us . its such a great empowerment I know the transformation should start with us.

  3. Innovations is all what this world needs to man handle the unemployment scourge and inspire the future generation.
    But please as we innovate let just not pass time lets look at the available available challenges and put in place appropriate technology for them.

  4. i have really learned good ideas from jonah`s words and actually have instilled confidence in me thanks Jonathan

  5. This was a great idea, that i personally liked. Its an indication that no matter who you are, your idea can change the nation.
    Thanks Jonathan

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